Friday, October 20, 2017


WOW! We are off to such an exciting start to the term in the Learning Leopards.

We were learning all about Diwali this week. We discussed what Diwali is and how it is celebrated. On Friday we had a school celebration and a few of our class member were part of a special dance. 

Check out the video below:

Weren't they amazing?

Also, this week we continued our Ancient Civilisations Inquiry unit. We completed some writing about the Colosseum.

   The Colosseum
In the center of the city of Rome in Italy there is a building called the Colosseum which is an amphitheater {or open-air arena}. It is 620 feet long , 512 feet wide and 158 feet tall {which is 6 acres big}. It had 80 entrances and the capacity to hold 50,000 people . Originally a statue called the colossus Nero stood outside the Colosseum . The emperor Vespasian built the Colosseum for his successor Titus . The Colosseum was built out of: stone , concrete and bricks . 500,000 gladiators died in the Colosseum but luckily in 435 CE the Colosseum closed for gladiator battles; later the west wall was destroyed in an earthquake .

By Ranginui

The Colosseum
The Colosseum is an auditorium located in Rome,Italy. This magnificent piece  of art was built by Emperor Vespasian for Titus!  There was also this giant statue that was called  the colossal of Nero. How cool would that be if you could see that statue!?

People from long ago that were gladiators fought each other! If you were a gladiator what weapon would you use and how long do you think you would survive? I would probably use a sword with a very sharp blade. I would also use a shield and Armour but I think I would lose very early!

The Colosseum is shaped like an egg,you can see that if you fly above it. It was also made from concrete, stone and bricks. That would of taken a very long time but not longer than building a big PYRAMID! It probably took 2 years or more to build.

The Colosseum was used for gladiator fights, if a gladiator dies or is about to die, someone would come and carry them out of the arena. Eventually the gladiator fights ended. Still it would be sad for for people who died. R.I.P  :(   
This place is 158 ft tall, 512 ft long and 620 ft long. That is BIG!!!

There were about 50,000 spectators at the Colosseum and about 1 million animals died in there. How sad. If you want to visit go to Rome, Italy. There are 80 entrances for you to enter. Sometimes some famous singers come and perform there, so I encourage you to go and visit the Colosseum.

By Reuan

Next week on Wednesday we will have our school athletics for the senior and middle school. 
Remember to wear shoes you can run in and your house colours.



  1. I like your amazing moves. It's like you guys are the best diwali dancers.


  2. WOW amazing job.It was great.How long did it take to remember it?