Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Week that was... Term 3, Week 8

Our Classroom Economy

GOALS: To develop our financial literacy and use money sensibly.
CHALLENGE: To see how much Learning Leopard money we can save by the end of the year. 

This week we discussed having a classroom economy. We thought about why it is important to be able to use money and being aware of using money sensibly. 
  1. Once we agreed on the purpose of our classroom economy we wrote it up and put it on display. 
  2. Next we discussed a weekly allowance and went over how much money each child would need for weekly expenses. 
  3. We also discussed classroom jobs and placed the options on display. The students then completed job applications for their first 3 choices and had to provide reasons why they should be chosen for the position. (The students also decided the pay for each position each week and needed to provide reasons to support their opinion before we voted)
  4. After that we discussed ways to earn extra money and ways that you might be fined or lose money. We had to agree as a class on the amount of money that could be earned/lost and the reasons why. These were added to our list.
  5. We discussed the need to create our own currency and design our own money. Each child designed their own notes using the criteria: it needed to be easy to read and differentiate between the notes. We then voted on which notes we preferred. CONGRATULATIONS TO ZOE COUPER for her amazing design of our Learning Leopard $$$.  
  6. Lastly we all signed to say we agree to using the classroom economy and following the terms we decided on as a class.
We are very excited to begin using our classroom economy in week 9 and seeing who will be the super saver of the week.

our initial ideas for why we should have a classroom economy

Paige's Application for her top 3 jobs- Great reasoning for why you should be chosen Paige. 

Another colourful application completed by Jordin.

An example of some of the money designs we created

Our Classroom Economy Display: We made sure to put it somewhere that we can easily refer to throughout the day. 

The jobs were put on display for the class to see what was involved in each job. They then completed application forms. 

Check in each week to see how we progress with our classroom economy. 


  1. I like the fake money that you made. Why did you make it? -Sienna.
    What a great way to help us understand money, Mrs Waterworth and Room 16! -Frida.

  2. Natalie:I like the money that you made because its very colourfull. I wonder how you made the money. paige:Wow RM 16 it looks like you put alot of effort in your money.