Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ancient Egypt

Wow! This week we are off to an amazing start with lots of exciting things happening in the classroom.

Our newest display for our inquiry. We have been learning lots about Ancient Egypt.
We created some amazing Egyptian Art with a focus on blending our sunrise/sunset colours for our backgrounds. We also wrote our names in hieroglyphics on the art and are going to see if anyone can work out which piece of art belongs to which person. 

Today for maths the Learning Leopards looked at estimations. We tried to estimate how many squares of toilet paper it would take to mummify a person.
First we got into groups of 4 and we discussed what it means to estimate. Then we made our initial estimations. 
Half way through our 'mummification' process Mrs Waterworth checked to see if we wanted to adjust our estimates.

Finally, once we had finished our roll of toilet paper or covered our person then we counted the squares to see how close our estimates were to the actual. 

It was lots of fun and helped us to work at being even better Team Players.
Pranav mummified Lucky

Exceptional Teamwork on display

Stay tuned for more awesome learning!