Thursday, August 31, 2017

Imaginative Play and the Learning Process

Today we had some time to explore imaginative play and the learning process in the Learning Leopards. A group of students first discussed the concept of their play- they focused on creating a restaurant setting in our breakout space.

  • They created a menu (complete with prices and items to choose from for drinks, mains and desserts)
  • They specifically chose music to suit the theme of the restaurant- Spanish. 
  • Considered having a front desk to welcome guests and allow them to pay at the end.
  • Had members who were the chefs, waiters and waitresses ensuring that the meal ran smoothly.
  • provided entertainment (dancing to suit the theme).

All of this was created using items available in the classroom and encouraged lots of discussion about the importance of each person and their role in the process.

Next time we will discuss possible problems that might arise in a similar setting and how we could solve these problems like we do when we are learning our core subjects. 

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  1. Hi room 16, it looks like you had tons of fun I really liked how it was like a real restaurant and there was an meanu!!!
    Froom Liliana