Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Learning Leopards learn in a variety of ways

Wow! We have had a busy week filled with lots of new learning and challenges. 

We have each come up with a key question for our inquiry unit and we look forward to finding out more about the human body in the coming weeks. 
Feel free to come into class and read our questions

We also had an amazing time coming up with writing that shows our reader how we are feeling without telling them. We tried turning a boring sentence into something much more exciting. The added challenge was that we only had 5 minutes! Frida did such an amazing job that she received a special sticker and message from Mrs. Kandasamy. Ka Pai Frida! 


A highlight of week 9 was taking part in discovery time. We had to split into groups and work together as a group to create and innovate something new out of ordinary materials. Each group received the same items to make their inventions. Mrs Waterworth was so impressed with all the inventions and we had so much fun making them too. 

We worked out that we could create something better if we worked as a team 

The Girls cut their tower to try to straighten it and realized that it was no longer stable. Next time they said they would think about what else they could do to make it straighter but also keep it standing. 

We discussed what we would change next time because it was difficult to keep our invention stuck together. 

We can't wait to do more discovery time activities as we continue to learn that the process of creating is just as important as the finished product. 

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