Saturday, March 4, 2017

Water Safety

This week we had the amazing experience of learning about water safety for our weekly swimming lesson.
The Learning Leopards had to put on life jackets and pretend they were out at sea. We learned what to do if the boat was sinking, how to keep warm in the water and how to save energy. 
It was so much fun and a little bit scary too but we were all brave and gave it a go. 

Check out the photos of our session below:

Learning that we need to hold our nose with one hand and keep our feet together once we jump off the edge. 

Here we are learning another way to leave the boat. Sitting on the edge, blocking our nose, holding our life jackets and falling backwards into the water. 
Once we are in the water we stay on our backs and use our legs to kick away from the ship. 

Learning to huddle for warmth in the water. We need to stay attached to each other and not let go. 

We can't wait for our next lesson =)

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  1. Dear room 16
    I want to know how to swim like you because I don't know how to swim that well. Was it fun? I hope you get better at swimming.
    From Ali