Sunday, March 19, 2017

Get New Zealand Writing Project

Kia ora, The Learning Leopards of room 16 are taking part in the Get NZ writing Project. We have been given a buddy school from Oamaru.

In order to complete our project we have had to learn about metaphors. A Metaphor is a direct comparison, saying something is something else. We hope you enjoy our examples.

Paige is a golden temple- big, strong and solid.
Paige is a fun, exciting and enthusiastic circus.
Paige is a jet- long, fast and comfortable.
Paige is a coat- warm, safe and protective.

Jordin is the Auckland museum filled with history and knowledge.
Jordin is a circus, entertaining and fun.
Jordin is a bicycle fast and exercising.
Jordin is a soft, warm and fluffy winter coat.

We hope you enjoyed our metaphors. Ask us more about the Get NZ writing project and we encourage your class or family to try your own writing project too.

We can't wait to receive our package from our buddy class.

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