Saturday, February 11, 2017

 Talofa Lava and welcome to The LEARNING LEOPARDS blog. 

We have had a very busy and exciting first 2 weeks at school. In our first two weeks we have come up with our own class name, secret handshake, created some amazing self-portrait art and had our first swimming lesson.

Take a look at some of our photos to see what we have been up to!
We will add more photos and blog posts each week. 

We hope you enjoy watching our learning journey this year.

Week 1 Class Photo
We Love working in our class tent. 

Creating our All About Me booklets
Getting to know our teammates 

Congratulations to our first Star of the Day winner Melody.
The Star of the Day is chosen each day based on attitude and effort both inside the classroom and out.
Melody was a great bucket filler and role model for the rest of the class.  Tino Pai!

Mindful Medal Winners Day 2- congratulations to our Mindful Medal winners from day 2- Evalina and Yeqin.
They were chosen by their teammates for being bucket fillers and having quality work.
The Mindful Medal winners are chosen by the students each day. This encourages students to look for the positive actions of others.


This is our class treaty and our class treaty teddy. We had a class discussion about what we think an excellent class looks like, sounds like and feels like. As a class we came up with our treaty terms and we all signed the teddy to say we agreed with what the treaty says. 

Keep checking our blog for updates and please leave a comment =)


  1. Awesome blog Mrs Waterworth and The Learning Leopards. Well done! Karen Buckley

  2. I love your blog, Mrs Waterworth. I can see that the Learning Leopards are becoming a great team already! Mrs Venton